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[The Staff]

Derek 'redm' Labian
Network Manager
Manages Network and its hosted sites. Ensures server functionality and the quality of Network sites. Designs, Develops and Implements most of the C++, Perl and PHP code on the network. If there still time left in the day, enjoys tinkering with RC devices and enjoying high definition audio/video products.
Matt 'ermorden' Riley
Creative Director
Designs and programs all network websites, gives artistic consultation on hosted sites, and helps keep network sites in some sort of organized form. Resposibilites also include miscellaneous javascripting, flash animation, and various other web related developement techniques. Aside from computers, Matt wastes his time listening to music and traveling from one location to the next in search of something to eat.
Sharon Fanning
Business Manager
Manages the business affairs of the Network including purchusing, job postings and contract positions. Free time usage includes fishing, hunting, dancing. Previously 15 years of business managment experience.
Chuck 'TGK' [*SNIP*]
Network Administrator
Deals with the day to day server maintenance insuring there's ample resources and security to support our sites. Chuck also enjoys firing large guns at explosive objects, which makes for an intresting evening.
Juan 'Jester' Miranda
He does accounting stuff? What were you expecting? He's an accountant. Besides crunching numbers and and looking cool, enjoys clubing, shopping and travling. He can also often be seen pointing out drug dealers and street hookers as he drives by. (not that he's into that kinda stuff)
Tina 'Muse' Mullins
News Guru
Looking for News, Muse has it. Muse scours the internet digging up latest and greatest news posting it on our network sites. In her free time she likes sending large quantities of email to her friends / family. Upon the slight chance the mail server is overloaded trying to send her previous emails she wonders off into a corner somewhere.
Jon 'Zerozombie' Soucy
File/FTP Administrator
I am to lame to right my own description, actually I'm busy updating files on File Leech so you happy hardcore gamers can download them. I keep a bladder bag near my computer so I never have to leave. In the slight event my house were to burn down i'd like to SnowBoard, Slam Pits, use a real ceramic toilet and/or play PC games.